An end-to-end solution for mass payouts along with additional services to streamline your payments in and out of LatAm.

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Send Mass Payouts 

into LatAm for free

Enterprise Partners

Value Add for

Low Cost Solution

-  No service fee - Send Mass Payouts into    LatAm for free

 - Free transfers within  Airtm

 - Free Airtm accounts  for your users 

- Most competitive rates  for your users 

Latam Focused

- To all LatAm countries and currencies 

- Quicker and Cheaper than the       incumbent 

- Premier peer-to-peer ecosystem 

-Trusted by 1.5M Latin Americans  

- Proven stability in unstable markets

All-in-one Platform

- Simple one-time API Integration

- Pay-in and Pay-out solution 

- Micro and Macro payment capability 

- Multiple Funding and Withdraw options 

- Crypto Friendly

Mutual Growth 

- Dedicated Enterprise Account Manager 

- Personal onboarding of your current users

- Regional experts to help you expand to new countries 

- Referral Program to earn $ when your network registers

- Growth plan open new revenue opportunities



Pay globally in local currencies

24/7 Worldwide Support

Eliminates intermediary bank & landing fees

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Low Cost

Built for LatAm

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