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Made with 💙 in Mexico City

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"Our commitment is to bring quality financial services to all developing countries."

- Ruben Galindo, CEO

What is Airtm about?

At Airtm, we believe that people and businesses must have access to their money regardless of the country they are located in or the currency they user.

We believe in contributing to the freedom of people protecting their savings from devaluation.

We see technology as a tool to promote economic empowerment and democratize access to financial services.

We work every day to build a robust platform that offers global financial services in a simple and secure way.

We strive to be the most efficient and reliable service, and to transform the way people feel about their money.

Our Team

Miguel Valencia

Josh Kliot
Product, Co-founder

Ruben Galindo
CEO, Co-founder

Adrian Druzgalski
VP of Engineering

Raul Sanchez

Tim Parsa
Chairman, Co-founder

Eduardo Cruz
Head of Partnerships

Jerónimo Bernot
Head of Customer Success

Thomas Brooke
Chief of Counsel

Manuel Angel Hakim
Head of Growth

Luna Prada

Alex Ziehm
Product Manager

Alberto Pickering
Software Engineer

Aldo Funes
Senior Software Engineer

Jonathan Badillo
Software Engineer

Edgard Morales
Lead Front-end Engineer

Felix Garcia
Lead Integrations Engineer

Jorge Díaz
Software Engineer

Javier Enriquez
Senior Software Architect

Carlos Fernández
Senior Software Engineer

Jose Luis Curi

Ulises Puente
Accounting Associate

Laura Sanchez
Project Manager

Miguel Magaña
Business Development

Rodrigo Contreras
Senior Software Engineer

Sergio Barajas
Chief of Staff

Raúl Martínez
Senior Software Engineer

Our investors



Invested in @Afluenta, @Arcusfi and @TiendaNube

blue yard


Invested in @MineFliecoin, @OB1Company and @ProtocolLabs

bank to the future


Invested in @Bitstamp and @Krakenfx

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Frey Aguilar
Compliance Risk Analyst

Sergio Hernández
Software Engineer