Withdraw money with more than 500 payment methods through our P2P network or directly



The peer-to-peer network, better known as P2P network, is a network of buyers and sellers who connect to exchange AirUSD for currencies from different payment platforms.

Using our cashier network, you can withdraw money to banks, digital wallets, cryptocurrencies and more.


How can you withdraw money through P2P?


  1. Click on “Withdraw” in the menu.
  2. Select payment method, desired amount and click on “Request”*.
  3. Once the transaction is accepted by a cashier, your cashier sends funds to your payment method.
  4. When you receive the funds, confirm the transaction in your Airtm account.
*When you click request, you will have to configure your payment method (if this is the first time you use it) in order to continue with the transaction.


Withdraw funds directly to your local bank account. Option available in more than 15 countries.


How to withdraw money directly?


  1. Click on “Withdraw” in the menu.
  2. Select the bank of your choice.
  3. Enter the desired amount, select “Direct” and click “Continue”*. Verify your information, confirm the transaction and you will receive the funds in your bank account.


*When you click continue, you will have to configure your payment method (if this is the first time you use it) in order to continue with the transaction.


How safe is it to withdraw funds from Airtm?

Airtm ensures safety in each transaction by matching you with a vetted and verified cashier network and holding funds in escrow. Airtm's cashier network consists of ID-verified experienced professionals who are dedicated to servicing requests. All P2P transactions are backed by AirUSD held in an escrow account and servied by a mediation team if any issues arrive, guarenteeing the AirUSD you are sending remains yours until you receive funds in your payment method.

Is there a limit on the amount of funds to be withdrawn?

There is a limit of $5,000 per day and $20,000 per month for total withdrawals/sends from your Airtm account.

My transaction was accepted by the cashier, how long will it take to complete the transfer?

Transfers times are a few minutes up to several hours, depending on payment method and time of day.

How to add payment methods to withdraw and add funds?

You can add them by selecting the payment method when adding or withdrawing funds. For more information, click here.

What are the daily and monthly transaction volume limits?

When transacting with Airtm, users are limited to send and withdraw the following volumes in daily and monthly time periods. There are no limits for adding and receiving funds in your Airtm account. See the table with information here.