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Powering payments for your global growth

Send and receive payments worldwide, expanding your business globally with a single account.

An end-to-end solution for mass payouts, along with additional services, to streamline your payments worldwide.

Airtm’s Borderless API allows businesses like yours to automatically access Pay-in, Pay-out, and Mass Payment tools to power your growth.

Expand into every corner of the world by partnering with Airtm. We connect you to a global ecosystem of trusted businesses and professionals.



Send mass payouts, with no minimum or maximums, instantly.


Access to 500 payment methods with presence in more than 190 countries, through local banks, digital wallets, cryptocurrencies and cash withdrawals.

All-in-one platform

Automate your operations by integrating your system with our API, or use our web tools for receiving and sending mass payments.

Mutual growth

Our experts will help you grow, seize new opportunities and expand into new markets, as well as increase your revenues.

Use cases

Freelancers and contractors

Whether your company needs to pay freelancers abroad, Airtm allows you to transfer digital dollars (USDC) and let your employees choose the most convenient way to access their money. Your collaborators will be able to withdraw money to their local bank accounts and in their own currency or send it to digital wallets and get cash safely.

Airtm will give your company the possibility to manage all your payments from a single platform, either by automating money transfers through an integration with our API or from the tools we offer on our web platform.

Unlike traditional bank transfers, Airtm allows you to make instant payments; with no restrictions on amounts, processing fees or platform access.

Microtasks and micropayments

Collaborators who perform micro-tasks have different needs than employees with fixed remuneration. They need the freedom to withdraw their money in the amounts they want and when they need it. In addition, many of them are unbanked.

On the other hand, it is a challenge for companies to find a payment partner that allows them to give this freedom to their collaborators, with global coverage. Paying a growing population of banked and unbanked users can be extremely challenging. For many companies, expanding into new markets means finding a payment partner that can accommodate the unique payment preferences of a globally dispersed independent workforce.

Airtm allows you to make micropayments to your employees with no minimum amount and no cost to your company so your employees can choose when to access their money, even for small amounts. They will be able to withdraw to their local banks and, for those unbanked, they will have the possibility to access their money through digital wallets or cash delivery services. They will also be able to pre-pay for digital services such as streaming.

Receive payments from your clients

If your company’s business model requires receiving payments, Airtm gives your customers around the world the possibility of acquiring USDC using their local currency, e-wallets, cash or cryptocurrencies.

Your company will receive all USDC payments centralized in a single account and will be able to withdraw them directly to their bank account or pay your employees through Airtm.

Incorporated in the United States and registered with FinCEN as an MSB (Money Service Business).


Payment methods



Completed transactions



Global presence

Payment methods


Digitall wallets

Prepaid cards


Prepaid digital services

Gift cards


American dollar (United States)

Euro (European Community)

Mexican peso (México)

Dominican Peso (Rep. Dominicana)

Bolívar (Venezuela)

Colombian peso (Colombia)

Sol (Peru)

Argentine peso (Argentina)

Real (Brasil)

Guaraní (Paraguay)

Uruguayan Peso (Uruguay)

Chilean peso (Chile)

Among other currency…

What they say about us...



"Very convenient service, thanks to the support we integrate quickly. Convenient API, instant payments, our users are happy!"



"Airtm has always been the number 1 choice for our users because it is easy to use and their team cares about their customers. We love Airtm!"



"The 24/7 customer service, escrowed transactions, and user verification make it a highly-sought after payment method and are a great benefit to us. We’re pleased to have partnered with them."



"The method to add funds as a company is very agile and the Airtm team is always attentive to our needs. We were having difficulty facilitating the sending and withdrawal of money for our customers in Latin America and with Airtm we have solved that problem."