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Partner with Airtm to expand your reach, reduce costs, and discover diverse talent for explosive growth.

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Users receiving & making payments


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+20M Successful transactions



receiving & making payments



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Platform rails to make you a relevant option

Airtm payment rails are able to deliver and collect digital dollars to and from over 500 payment methods throughout the global south in 6 minutes.

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The ideal sustainable solution to expand in the global south

Airtm enables seamless access to millions of digital entrepreneurs by eliminating the high costs and barriers associated with traditional payment methods.

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Growth campaigns to reach your target audience

Airtm represents the largest community of digital entrepreneurs in the global south. We work with our partners to bring them the most relevant opportunities.

Without Airtm Enterprise

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Limited access to digital entrepreneur community in the Global South.

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High expenses in reaching and retaining entrepreneurs making expansion costly.

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Lengthy transaction processing times and limited payment method accessibility.

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Inflexible pricing structures and revenue challenges.

With Airtm Enterprise

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Access to a dynamic digital entrepreneur community in the Global South.

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Expansion supported by growth plans and reduced costs and barriers in the Global South.

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6-Minute transaction processing time across 500+ payment methods.

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Flexible pricing structures to drive revenue and mutual growth.

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Send and receive payments




Unlock global financial flexibility for your collaborators with one simple account.


Your gateway to frictionless global payments acceptance.


Scale your business as you effortlessly simplify cross-border transactions.

Web App

Create payments, improve activity visibility, and empower teams with specific roles on one dashboard.


Integrate Airtm's capabilities, automate your global payments & collections. Power up for scalability.


Empower your success with customized solutions tailored just for you

In-app integrations

Integrate Airtm’s services directly and access pay-in and pay-out services. Offer users a convenient and safe way to cash-in and cash-out no matter where they are located.

Bulk Payments

Simplify mass payouts to employees, vendors, or affiliates with Airtm’s bulk payment feature, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.


Manage international payrolls seamlessly, ensuring your employees receive their salaries promptly, no matter where they are located.

Cross Border payments

Make cross-border payments effortlessly, allowing you to send and receive funds securely across the globe.


Airtm Enterprise is ideal for...

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Expand into emerging markets leveraging our community of Airners

Connect your business with a dynamic community of over 1.6M users. A highly engaged and proactive audience eager to explore, adapt and diversify their online income streams.


Andrés Morales

All social networks at your disposal.

Data Labeler

Juan González

Useful information, tips and training.

Content Creator

Camila Silva

Discord channel helping to expand your network.


Gabriela Rodríguez

Weekly special promotions.


Sebastián Pérez

New opportunities on different partner platforms.

Join our ecosystem where digital workers from around the world are eager to find work, and companies can discover their ideal candidates.

Leverage your business expansion breaking down the financial barriers that limit talent searches and business growth.

Discover new talents ready to contribute to your growth and broaden the diversity of your team.

Reach your ideal customers with our diverse campaign options and engaged community

Product presence

Put your brand front and center with impactful banner ads in our high-traffic app and website. Reach millions of active users worldwide.

Internal campaigns

Tap into our engaged community with targeted communications. Deliver personalized messages and drive conversions within our trusted platform.

Airners platform

Connect directly with millions of digital entrepreneurs through our vibrant Airners Platform. Offer paid tasks, sponsor community events, and find your perfect audience.

External campaigns

Amplify your reach through strategic influencer partnerships, user-generated content initiatives, ambassador programs, and social media campaigns.


What they say about us...

"Very convenient service, thanks to the support we integrate quickly. Convenient API, instant payments, our users are happy!"

"Airtm has always been the number 1 choice for our users because it is easy to use and their team cares about their customers. We love Airtm!"

“Airtm really hits it out of the park when it comes to flexibility and speed in payments. Compared to other platforms, it never feels confined to a single way of cash withdrawals and deposits, providing merchants with highly competitive fees and professional support.”

“Airtm helped us expand in many countries easily and at scale. They have supported us entirely and provided a great experience from launching collaborative growth campaigns to fraud detection flags and workflows.”