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Digital Entrepreneurs in Bolivia: How to Get Paid in Digital Dollars Amidst the Economic Crisis

Santiago Coates

June, 25, 2024

4 min. reading

In the midst of a challenging economic situation in Bolivia, where dollar shortages and high conversion fees are everyday realities, digital workers are finding innovative ways to manage their income.

Through platforms like Airtm, these freelancers and remote employees are managing to get paid in digital dollars, ensuring the financial stability they need to thrive. This is the story of how they are making the impossible possible.

The Current Economic Situation in Bolivia

Bolivia is facing a currency crisis, with a notable shortage of dollars in the market and banking restrictions that complicate access to foreign currency. For digital workers, this situation presents an additional challenge: how to receive payments in dollars and convert them to bolivianos efficiently and economically?

How Airtm is Changing Lives

We spoke with a user who is a graphic designer living in Cochabamba. He works with international clients, mainly in the United States, and also uses platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to get additional jobs that help him generate extra income.

However, receiving payments in dollars was always a headache. Before discovering Airtm, he had to deal with high conversion fees and long wait times from traditional banks. “It was frustrating,” he recalls. “I felt like a big part of my work went to fees and endless waits.”

Everything changed when he discovered Airtm. Determined to try something new, he registered on the platform and, since then, his financial experience has significantly improved. “Airtm allowed me to open a USA virtual account, receive payments in dollars, and convert them to bolivianos in minutes,” he says. “Now I can manage my income without losing money on fees and without waiting days to access my funds.”

How to Buy and Withdraw Digital Dollars in Bolivia with Airtm

For those wondering how they can do the same, here is a quick guide:

  1. Create an Account on Airtm: Sign up on Airtm and create your account here.
  2. Add Funds: Go to the “Add Funds” section, choose your preferred payment method (e.g., bolivianos), and connect with someone who will sell you dollars using your bolivianos. Once the transaction is complete, the USD will be reflected in your account.
  3. Use the USA Virtual Account: Create your US Virtual Account here and connect this account on freelancing platforms or provide the details to the companies that hire you to receive payments in dollars.

Convert Dollars to Bolivianos: With Airtm, you can quickly and securely convert dollars to bolivianos and withdraw your funds in local currency within minutes.

Inspiring Other Digital Workers in Bolivia

The story of this graphic designer is not unique. Many digital workers in Bolivia are finding an effective solution in Airtm to manage their dollar income, facing the current economic situation with a powerful and accessible tool.

If you are a digital worker in Bolivia and are looking for an efficient and economical way to manage your dollar income, we invite you to try Airtm.

Sign up today and receive some extra USDC for your first transactions on the platform.

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