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Airtm’s value-added solutions for the Gig economy

Ximena Díaz de la Serna G.

September, 13, 2023

2 min. reading

Microtasking companies are revolutionizing the way individuals earn income in the digital age. As these platforms gain popularity, one name stands out as a game-changer for both users and businesses alike: Airtm.

Let us tell you how Airtm brings unparalleled value to microtasking companies, enhancing user experience and driving business success.

Instant cash-outs, happier users: Earning money through microtasks is fulfilling, but what truly delights users is quick access to their hard-earned income. With Airtm, microtasking companies can offer their users a faster way to cash out their earnings to local accounts. This not only ensures user satisfaction but also cultivates loyalty by providing a seamless experience that keeps them engaged.

Breaking barriers with no minimum limits: Unlike other providers that impose minimum withdrawal limits, Airtm stands out by eliminating this barrier, allowing micro payments. Many microtasking users have smaller earnings that accumulate over time, and Airtm recognizes the importance of offering them the freedom to withdraw their money without constraints. This user-centric approach not only fosters trust but also encourages more frequent and active engagement.

+400 withdrawal methods: Diversity is a hallmark of Airtm’s offerings. With over 400 different withdrawal methods, Airtm empowers microtasking users to choose the method that suits them best. Whether it’s local banks, digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, or even gift cards, Airtm ensures users have the flexibility to manage their earnings in ways that match their preferences and needs.

P2P Marketplace, the secret sauce: Airtm’s peer-to-peer marketplace takes earning management to the next level. Users can engage in direct transactions with other users, enabling instant money exchanges that transcend borders and currencies. With more than $20 MM withdrawals via P2P a month, this unique feature provides microtasking companies with a dynamic and secure solution that fosters a sense of community and encourages active participation.

Affordability, Airtm’s Edge: Cost-effectiveness is key, especially for microtasking users who value every cent earned. Airtm offers users a cheaper way to manage their earnings compared to other providers. The transparent fee structure ensures that users retain a greater portion of their earnings, making Airtm an attractive and economical choice.

Airtm’s innovative solutions are tailor-made for microtasking companies seeking to enhance their offerings and provide exceptional value to users. With faster cash-outs, no minimum limits, a wide range of withdrawal methods, a unique P2P marketplace, and cost-effectiveness, Airtm is the partner that can take microtasking platforms to new heights. Join us and empower your users with the Airtm advantage today.

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