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Evangelizers: The Power of Crossed-Platform Ambassadors

Adalberto Benítez

September, 12, 2023

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Bolivia has become the second largest market for one of our trading partners because it has grown 3x in volume and number of active users in this country due to an initiative we call Evangelizers.

Jimmy is a young Bolivian entrepreneur who is passionate about trading and earning money online. He first learned about Airtm in 2021 and was immediately impressed by the potential of the two platforms (Airtm + our Partner) combined to help Bolivian users cashout their money to local currency, therefore he started using Airtm’s regular referral program to spread the word about Airtm to his peers.

The Evangelizers Program

Jimmy quickly escalated to become an Airtm ambassador, and since his referrer tactics were very effective, Airtm’s team decided to build the Evangelizers Program to reward and motivate Jimmy to create a network of other Power Users that can replicate and boost their already successfully proven tactics.

Tactic execution

Jimmy used a variety of tactics to grow Airtm and our Partner’s metrics and platform usage in Bolivia. Some of his most effective tactics included:

– Hosting educational workshops on how to use Airtm and our Partner
– Creating content about Airtm and our Partner on social media and YouTube
– Building an ambassador network of other power users
– Getting into the Partner’s community top of mind by filling Bolivian communities with Airtm + Partner’s content


Jimmy and his power users network use Airtm as an acquisition tool to get more users to our partner, since Airtm solves the process of cashing out their earnings from the partner’s platform in an easy way to local currency.

– Their referrals had brought more than 50K transactions within Airtm and our Partner
– Volume processed between platforms grew x15 in less than a year

Jimmy’s efforts have been successful. He has helped to grow the Airtm and our Partner’s communities in Bolivia, and both platforms have seen a significant increase in usage. Jimmy is a true ambassador for both platforms, and his story is an inspiration to others who are looking to grow their businesses.

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