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Exploring the Experience of Working in Data Labeling for Extra Income

Santiago Coates

February, 22, 2024

5 min. reading

In the midst of daily routine, JameBoy seeks ways to generate additional income in his spare time. Originally from the Philippines, he has found data labeling to be a flexible yet sometimes monotonous opportunity to earn extra income every month.

It’s very convenient because I can do it at any time of the day, as long as I’m connected to the internet and have my computer handy,” shares JameBoy, who has been dedicating himself to data labeling frequently for over a year and a half. In this article, we will explain the implications of this practice and the truths behind this trend, through the experience of this digital entrepreneur.

The world of data labeling

Data labeling has flourished alongside artificial intelligence. It is a fundamental process in which raw data, whether images, audio, or text, is classified with the aim of training machine learning models.

By annotating or labeling this data, algorithms are provided with better learning, and make more precise decisions. However, it is crucial to emphasize that the collection of this data requires human intervention and, therefore, economic compensation for those who perform these tasks.

Training Artificial Intelligence algorithms…

One type of digital entrepreneur is an individual who engages in training tasks for artificial intelligence algorithms, with the aim of improving model performance and, in turn, obtaining additional income that varies depending on the platform.

There are numerous sites dedicated to specific regions, types of work or industries. Among the favorites and used platforms by members of the Airners Community (Airtm + Earners), according to a survey we made to Spanish-speaking users, are Remotasks with 58.3%, Toloka Yandex with 16.7%, and Appen with 12.5%, while they usually turn to Clickworker or V7 Labs, which are also very popular.

How much can you earn with data labeling?

The income of a digital entrepreneur dedicated to data labeling can range from USD 200 to USD 500 per month, depending on various factors such as the platform they work on, the type of task they perform, and their level of experience. However, it is important to note that these figures can vary significantly depending on the specific context.

Some tasks are simple and require less time and effort, which can result in lower monetary compensation. On the other hand, more specialized or complex tasks may offer higher payments due to the skill and knowledge required to complete them successfully. 

Experience and the number of hours available are crucial in determining a freelancer’’s income.

Speaking with "JameBoy," a digital worker from the Airners Community

To immerse ourselves in the world of freelancers, we set out to speak with users who have firsthand knowledge of this field, with the hope of providing you, as a reader, with a better perspective.

We met with “JameBoy,” someone who has done extensive data labeling work. Originally from the Philippines and 25 years old, “JameBoy” greeted us with a smile and a willingness to share his experiences in the world of data labeling.

According to this digital entrepreneur, his day-to-day focuses on data segmentation, especially in the area of autonomous vehicle navigation systems. With a considerable workload, his work is vital to ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data for vehicle manufacturers.

He works as part of a team, dividing tasks among groups to maintain focus on a significant volume of tasks. As he says, “Our goal is to maintain data consistency, as this is fundamental to the success of our projects.”

But not everything is easy in the world of data labeling. JameBoy acknowledges that he has previously had challenges with project availability and task monotony. Months would sometimes pass without a project available, impacting his income flow. However, access to platforms like Remotasks, where he can now search for projects and connect with our workers in similar situations, has transformed these things for the better

Receiving income for work done

When it comes to receiving his income for his hard work, “JameBoy” has turned to as his preferred platform.

Although he started out skeptical due to the instructions being in Spanish, “JameBoy” soon discovered the advantages of using Airtm as a reliable alternative to other global payment platforms. With additional benefits such as the ambassador program, he appreciates the convenience of withdrawing to local currency quickly and with fair commissions.

The challenges of the job

“JameBoy” says that digital work, like all jobs, can have tough moments, but with the right dedication, it can be a valuable way to generate extra income online. Currently, he balances his part-time internship in data analysis with over four hours a day dedicated to data labeling, allowing him to earn between 200 and 500 extra dollars per month.

Additionally, he shares some important truths about this field of work. He highlights that it is not easy to find work immediately upon joining a digital platform. “You don’t get work just by joining a platform; it’s something that takes time and dedication. The chances of getting work depend on the availability of projects,” says “JameBoy”. “JameBoy” finds a solution to this problem through the power of the Airners Community of digital workers. The community provides him with the opportunities to explore other available tasks or interact with new platforms or digital workers like him.

He also points out that some jobs may not be available in certain countries due to differences in accents or specific requirements. For example, in the Philippines, opportunities for English transcription may be limited due to the local accent, resulting in a greater availability of such jobs in countries like the United States.

Nevertheless, despite the challenges, “JameBoy” remains optimistic about the future of the digital work industry. He believes that as the industry continues to grow, there will be even more opportunities available in the future. Being actively involved in the data labeling industry now not only provides a source of income but also prepares users for the evolving landscape of digital work and AI. With dedication and perseverance, “JameBoy” sees a bright future ahead, filled with endless possibilities for growth and success.


The Value and Challenges of the Digital Worker: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, life as a digital worker in data labeling can offer a unique combination of flexibility and challenges. Individuals like “JameBoy” have found in this practice a valuable opportunity to supplement their monthly income.

It is essential to recognize that the path to success as a digital worker in data labeling is not always easy or quick. It requires time, dedication, and sometimes patience to find available projects and generate a steady income stream.

However, with perseverance and the choice of suitable platforms, digital workers can make the most of this opportunity and achieve their goals. Data labeling is more than just a repetitive task; it is a window to a world of possibilities where technology and human collaboration come together.

Airtm helps digital workers not only by allowing them to convert to local currency but also by introducing them to a vast community of digital entrepreneurs that guarantees new opportunities to generate income online every day. Airtm is not only dedicating its efforts to being a payment solution but also to helping people and empowering the digital economy.

Airtm can help digital workers not only allowing them to convert to local currency, but introducing them to a vast community of digital entrepreneurs that will guarantee new opportunities to generate income online everyday. Airtm is not only dedicating its efforts to be a payment solution, but to help people and empower the digital economy.


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