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Digital Empowerment: The Revolution of the Global South

Jeronimo Bernot & Ricardo Pitton

February, 06, 2024

4 min. reading

At the crossroads of technology and finance, especially the digital economy in the Global South, which is rapidly expanding, a subtle yet profound transformation is taking place. 

Airtm has not only captured this evolution; it has made it its mission. 

Within the context of the  Global South, marked by rich cultural diversity but often constrained by economic challenges, a notable shift is occurring, the rise of the digital economy. This phenomenon is not just about online transactions or social media; it’s a redefinition of work and how financial independence can be achieved.

Airtm's Mission in the Global South

Since its inception as a digital account, Airtm has exceeded expectations, focusing on empowering and offering opportunities to those forgotten by their governments and the global economy. 

The internet, essential in the developed world, takes a whole new level of significance in the Global South, connecting individuals to a global economy and allowing them to overcome high unemployment rates and other local labor market constraints.

A Bridge to Financial Independence

The global gig economy has experienced double-digit growth over the past four years, with 12% of the global workforce working online. Despite this growth, unemployment figures remain a significant challenge. 

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the average unemployment rate reached 5.8% in 2023, reflecting persistent difficulties in global labor markets. 

In response to this reality, Airtm has launched the Airners Community a space where digital entrepreneurs and the global economy can meet to interact more efficiently, offering a tangible solution to the limitations imposed by unemployment rates and promoting financial freedom through opportunities in the digital economy.

Impact and Scope of Airtm

In the last year, Airtm processed over $1 billion in transactions, reflecting the dynamism of the digital economy in the Global South. With 60 companies using Airtm’s solution for mass payments, it’s clear that traditional work is changing, with the gig economy representing a primary source of income for many.

Facing the Challenges

Despite its vast potential, the digital economy remains fragmented. Airtm seeks to simplify this landscape, offering a unified platform that not only enables payment solutions but also provides income opportunities, supporting and empowering its users on their path to financial freedom.

An Integrated Future

We envision a future where anyone seeking financial independence can turn to Airtm. Our platform not only simplifies payments but also opens doors to a vast pool of digital talent, facilitating efficient interaction with the Global South for businesses.

Airtm is not just about transactions; it’s about creating opportunities where they are most needed, fostering a community that thrives on the digital frontier. This is our commitment and our invitation to join us in shaping the future of work and the digital economy in the Global South.

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