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E-money: the best option for your business

Editorial Airtm

November, 16, 2023

4 min. reading

Which is more convenient: using e-money or making traditional payments? If you are running your own business, you probably seek to improve the way you conduct your transactions in order to optimize your finances. Efficient payment management is among the key aspects of any business.

E-money vs Traditional Payments: pros and cons for your business

In recent years, e-money has revolutionized the way businesses conduct operations. Continuously, emerging financial services aim to streamline, expedite, and enhance the security of transactions and payments. What advantages and drawbacks does this type of currency present for companies compared to traditional money?


One of the great advantages of digital payments is their flexibility to different types of employment contracts. Whether it’s regular payroll, freelance collaborations, or sporadic services, digital currencies enable companies to send payments worldwide and easily withdraw in local currency. Explore how e-money adapts to the unique needs of your business and its workforce.


Often, processing a payroll involves a lengthy administrative process. However, this can be expedited using online payment platforms. These platforms allow for much faster management of payments and collections for any business. 

In fact, payments can be scheduled for automatic transfers, eliminating the need for constant monitoring. Additionally, traditional payments through bank accounts or checks may take longer to clear and often require paperwork. They also need to be recorded in accounting software to keep a record of the transaction.

Easy of use

While physical currency is universally understood, modern electronic payment platforms provide intuitive, user-friendly interfaces accessible from your own mobile device. Embrace the ease of managing transactions with various payment methods tailored to user preferences. Whether physical or digital, choose the simplicity that aligns with your business’s needs.

E-money facilitates security

Digital payments are becoming increasingly secure due to various internet security protocols, such as the two-factor authentication (2FA) system or diverse identity verification requirements. This ensures that users can have confidence that their sensitive data is protected.

In the case of traditional payments, having a large amount of cash can pose a risk to the company. Additionally, bank accounts may be vulnerable to hacking.

In conclusion, choosing the right payment method for your business involves considering transaction fees, employee and client locations, processing times, and local regulations. In this context, electronic money emerges as the intelligent choice for strategically managing business finances. Seeking fast and effective payments? Elevate your financial management with Airtm.

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