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Revolutionize Your Business Operations with Airtm’s New Enterprise Platform

Nicolás Briasco

October, 24, 2023

3 min. de lectura

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses need innovative solutions to stay competitive and thrive in the global economy. That’s why we are excited to introduce our new self-service Enterprise Platform at Airtm.

With this cutting-edge platform, you can effortlessly send and receive payments anywhere in the world, allowing you to expand your business and tap into the vast potential of the digital economy. Join us on this journey of transformation and discover the freedom and control that await you within minutes of becoming part of the Airtm family.

Partnering with Airtm: Your Gateway to Success

As a partner with Airtm, you’ll gain access to a range of exclusive advantages that set us apart from the competition:

  • Self-service mass payouts without limitations: Our new platform empowers you with complete freedom over your payment processes. Whether you need to pay a few individuals or a large group, there are no minimum or maximum limits to restrict you. Say goodbye to payment constraints and hello to flexibility.
  • Low fees compared to other competitors: Thanks to the unparalleled efficiency of our payment rails, you’ll enjoy one of the lowest fees in the market. We ensure that your transactions are cost-effective without compromising on security or reliability. Keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your business.
  • Dedicated account manager and 24/7 support: Our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional customer support. With a dedicated account manager by your side, you’ll receive personalized assistance whenever you need it, ensuring a seamless experience. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of international payments.
  • Tailored growth plans for emerging markets: If expanding into new emerging markets is part of your business strategy, we’ve got you covered. Our team will work closely with you to create a customized growth plan, helping you navigate these markets with confidence and success. Unlock new opportunities and reach a global audience with ease.

Benefits for Your Users: Empowering Financial Freedom

By receiving payments through our enterprise platform, your users unlock a host of advantages designed to optimize their financial experience:

  • Seamless integration with the digital economy: Our platform seamlessly connects their wallets to over 400 payment methods across 190 countries. This unparalleled connectivity ensures their funds are fully accessible and maximizes their participation in the global digital marketplace. Expand your horizons and explore new business opportunities worldwide.
  • Enhanced security with USDC: Their money is safeguarded in USDC, the market’s most secure and reliable stablecoin. This ensures the safety of their funds, giving them peace of mind while conducting transactions. Trust and security are the pillars of our platform.
  • Lightning-fast withdrawals in local currency: With our platform, users can withdraw their funds to local currency within minutes, eliminating the usual delays associated with traditional banking systems. Moreover, our competitive fees ensure they get the best value for their money during the conversion process. Time is money, and we’re here to save you both.

Why Choose Airtm's Enterprise Platform?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Here are some additional reasons why Airtm’s Enterprise Platform is the right choice for you:

  • Global Payment Solutions: Our platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from international payroll needs to microtaskers and freelance marketplaces. We offer versatile solutions that adapt to your unique requirements.
  • Cross-Border Efficiency: Seamlessly send and receive payments anywhere in the world, breaking down geographical barriers and tapping into new markets with ease.
  • User-Centric Design: We prioritize the needs of your users, ensuring a user-friendly experience that fosters trust and loyalty.
  • Transparent Transactions: Rest assured that your financial transactions are conducted with transparency, and you’ll always know where your money is.

Join Airtm’s Enterprise Platform Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your business operations. Join Airtm’s Enterprise Platform today and embrace a future of limitless possibilities for your business. Expand your reach, and seize the digital economy’s vast potential. Your journey to success begins here.

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