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Don’t be fooled! 10 Security Tips to Protect Your Airtm Account

Nicolás Briasco

December, 12, 2023

4 min. reading

At Airtm, the security of your data and money is our priority. We are committed to eradicating any malicious activity and maintaining a secure environment for all our users. To achieve this, it is essential that you take measures to protect yourself. Here are some security tips:

1. Observe, Detect, and Report

At Airtm, we encourage a safe and reliable community. If you notice any suspicious activity, do not hesitate to report it to our security team. We are here to help you keep your account protected.

2. Don’t Be Deceived

Remember that Airtm will never ask for your password via email or notify you of adverse events or gains through unsolicited messages. If you receive suspicious communications containing links, do not follow them. Instead, contact our support department directly.

3. Verify the Authenticity of Emails

Carefully check the exact address or domain of the emails you receive. Mark spam addresses that look similar but are not identical to the official ones. Sometimes, they change letters to numbers to make it less recognizable, for example, from noreply@aỉ to [email protected].

4. Strengthen Your Account Security

Activate two-factor authentication (2FA) on your digital accounts, including your Airtm account. This provides an additional layer of security by requiring additional verification besides your password.

5. Activate secure browsing in your browser

Here are direct links to enable secure browsing:

Also, always remember to keep your operating system and web browsers updated.

6. Do not share passwords

Never share your password with anyone; avoid saving it on shared or public devices. Maintain the confidentiality of your login information.

7. Create strong passwords

It’s important to protect your privacy and data. Not only should you secure your internet connection and verify official Airtm channels, but you should also protect your passwords and personal data. Some tools help you manage your passwords securely by creating advanced encryptions and suggesting stronger passwords.

8. Be skeptical of gain notifications

Airtm does not notify monthly giveaway winners via email. We simply credit the money to the winning account without requiring additional processes. Be skeptical of any communication indicating otherwise.

9. Avoid unofficial search engines

Do not use search engines to access our services, as you could be directed to fake pages.

Access directly through our official channels:

10. Report any suspicious activity

If you find suspicious links, messages, transactions, or users, do not hesitate to report it. Open a ticket at so that our security team can take action.

Follow these security tips, and you will actively contribute to keeping Airtm protected. We count on you to create a trustworthy and secure environment for all our users! And if you haven’t created your account yet, sign up for Airtm, the secure and reliable platform that allows you to easily and globally conduct online financial transactions.


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