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Webflow: The No-Code Web Design Tool for digital entrepreneurs

Juan Pablo Carrea

July, 20, 2023

3 min. reading

Webflow is a no-code web design tool that allows designers to create, manage, publish digital content, incorporate measurement tools such as Hotjar o Google Tag Manager, and optimize your website for search engines.

Juan Pablo Carrea, our UX Product Lead at Airtm, is a graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience in UI/UX and wants to share with you how Webflow is a great platform to build websites in a simple way and all summarized in 4 simple reasons:

1. Webflow is easier to use for beginners. It is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create the content structures you need, add content (by hand or from a CSV), then design it visually. If you are not familiar with CMS attributes I strongly recommend to use the Finsweet. It’s JavaScript functionality, without code. Super cool tool to build dropdowns, filters, search bars and so on. There are a lot of tutorials about each function. Just copy and paste the attribute in the correct component inside Webflow. You don’t need to write a code!

2. Export from Figma to Webflow. Webflow has a plugin that allows you to transfer your Figma designs into production-ready Webflow HTML & CSS in minutes. This plugin is called “Figma to HTML website Webflow plugin” and it can help you save time and effort when designing your website. In summary, you can have a website in 3 simple steps: create the website in Figma, export the artboard from Figma to Webflow, and publish it. Voilá!

3. Save time. Webflow offers a wide range of templates you can use as a starting point for your website. These templates are fully customizable and can help you get started quickly. Just select one template, clone it in your Webflow account, and modify the content, colors, and typography… that’s all. You can have a new website in a few minutes. Plus, you can create components inside Webflow. It works like a “design system” and you can use those components in different pages inside your Webflow project.

4. Make money with Webflow! Webflow has a special section where you can sell your own templates. If you have a great eye, you can create landing pages, CMS websites, portfolios, or whatever you want and sell them inside the Webflow site. It’s a great way to make extra bucks. There is no limit.

This is the perfect tool that any designer must consider. Trust me, if you are a designer, focus on what matters and don’t spend more time… save time with Webflow. Create your Webflow account here.

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