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Airtm and MoonPay join forces to promote financial inclusion

Ximena Díaz de la Serna G.

May, 02, 2023

5 min. reading

In the digital era, more and more people are looking for options to transfer their funds securely and quickly. In this sense, MoonPay is one of the best options, leading the world in Web3 infrastructure.

Digital entrepreneurs are always looking for tools when they want to develop their own business or company to solve the issue of remote payments, which are safe, easy to use and fast, as well as take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology to create an innovative, profitable and scalable business, while working flexibly and seeking to have a positive impact on society.

Inclusión financiera MoonPay y Airtm

As part of its expansion initiative in Latin America, MoonPay has partnered with Airtm to offer users greater control over their money, benefiting all digital entrepreneurs.

Airtm is a digital dollar account that allows individuals to access global financial services through a network of e-wallets with more than 400 payment methods available. With this integration, MoonPay users can send and receive money in a wide variety of currencies.

MoonPay is a platform that provides a lot of benefits for its users. It stands out for its speed and simplicity. Thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone can buy and sell crypto in a few minutes with MoonPay, without having to be an expert in cryptocurrencies.

With this integration, Airtm users can now add funds from various sources, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, European and UK banks, as well as debit and credit cards in 150 countries. MoonPay customers, on the other hand, can leverage Airtm’s extensive network and presence in Latin America, providing new connections and possibilities in this thriving market.

Both platforms use the latest encryption technologies with a robust compliance stack to protect its users’ information and funds. Both also have additional security measures such as two-factor authentication to ensure the protection of accounts.

Now, digital entrepreneurs have a tool at hand to enable them to enjoy a more accessible and open financial system at all times. 

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