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International Outsourcing: How it benefits companies

Editorial Airtm

January, 16, 2024

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International outsourcing of services is one of the alternatives most used by large companies today. It is a practice that allows them to have aspects covered, both focused on the business and outside it. In an increasingly competitive world, delegating certain activities to freelancers offers numerous advantages from taking on a high volume of work more quickly, to offering a more flexible and efficient service. This optimizes time, minimizes costs, and improves the quality of customer service.   

This is why we help you to know the keys to international outsourcing of services. Also, some considerations to take into account when outsourcing to external collaborators.

Keys to international outsourcing

Among the most important reasons for outsourcing are: an 89% cost reduction and a 60% increase in flexibility and responsiveness. Outsourcing therefore opens up new possibilities for innovation in activities. Moreover, they can translate into a great competitive advantage for your company. 

In principle, many activities can be outsourced: research, digitalization, accounting, marketing, etc. Therefore, the choice of an external specialist becomes essential to develop strategic functions. 

So here are some keys to international outsourcing to consider when outsourcing:

1. It offers greater efficiency and speed

International outsourcing allows to achievement of efficiency and speed in the outsourced area. This is because outsourcers provide knowledge, experience, and technology to perform certain activities. They will also have better tools and specific processes to perform the functions. As a result, they provide a competitive advantage and generate greater profitability.  

 2. Outsourcing encompasses a high volume of work

Outsourced service providers, and particularly freelancers, are prepared to take on a high volume of work more quickly. In addition, they are partners who have the time and skills to dedicate to developing specific functions. As a result, they can handle large workflows and increase productivity.

3. Allows the company to gain flexibility

Many of the activities performed in the company can be outsourced. This makes them more flexible and moldable, allowing them to adapt to the current needs demanded by the market. Moreover, outsourcers can meet all the client’s expectations, generating investment growth. 

4. Outsourcing increases competitiveness

International outsourcing increases the company’s competitiveness. With it, the quality of service is improved, costs can be reduced and internal resources are better managed. In this way, companies can increase their profitability in the long term.

Considerations of outsourcing to external partners

Companies that outsource services have faster growth in their structures. These companies can take care of tasks for which they are not prepared and rely on external service providers. This is why outsourcing operations is a good strategy, as it allows companies to: 

  • Focus on activities they are good at.
  • Raise the quality of their products or services.
  • Mitigate risks associated with specialized tasks. 
  • Create collaborative networks that function as a working community. 
  • Delegate responsibilities and leverage your resources. 

International outsourcing contributes to the effective development of the company’s operations. It helps the company to grow and improve its efficiency while reducing risks such as inexperience, quality, or cost. For its functionality, it is important to have management software that has all the necessary information. Also, with platforms such as Airtm to cover the payments of external partners.

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