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What is it like to use ySense to generate extra income with online surveys?

Santiago Coates

April, 03, 2024

4 min. reading

Market Research Platforms have become the gateway for many users into the digital economy, where searching for additional online income is increasingly common. Platforms like ySense have gained popularity as an option for generating income from the comfort of home.

With over 5 million registered users, ySense has established itself as a popular choice for those looking to generate additional income from the comfort of their homes. Now, it’s possible to withdraw funds to the Airtm platform so that users can convert their money into local currency among the 500 available options.

In this article, a ySense user shares their experience and the key points to consider when using this platform to start generating income online.

What is ySense?

ySense, formerly known as ClixSense, is an online platform that offers its users the opportunity to generate income for free by completing tasks online and participating in paid surveys. Since its launch in 2007, ySense has accumulated over 5 million registered users, making it a popular choice for those looking to generate additional income from the comfort of their homes.

ySense has an average user base largely coming from countries like India, with 16.33%. Second is Brazil, with 13.99%, followed by Nigeria, with 11.29%, and Italy, with 8.84%. Users from these countries, especially the Global South, face difficulties in withdrawing their payments in local currency, and this is the reason why integration with Airtm has brought them many new benefits.

When evaluating an online platform to earn money, reliability and security are crucial aspects to consider. ySense is owned by Prodege LLC, a company based in the United States.

In terms of security, ySense requests minimal user data for registration, and the company’s information is public. However, it lacks specific certifications to support its reliability. ySense’s privacy policy details how users’ personal information is collected, used, and shared, but some users may find this information insufficient.

User Experience Using ySense

ySense offers various opportunities to earn money, from completing tasks online to participating in paid surveys. Offers mainly come from external offer walls, and surveys are the platform’s main focus.

To better understand the platform, we had a chat with an Airtm user who is a freelancer and generally uses ySense to generate some extra income.

His journey with ySense began with searching for opportunities to earn money online. Despite hearing mixed opinions about the platform, he decided to try it and form his own opinion.

He found that ySense offered a wide variety of payment methods, allowing him to choose the most convenient option. Additionally, he found that payments were good as long as he completed surveys with real and reliable information.

The registration process was surprisingly quick and straightforward, without complicated verifications. “Once inside the platform, I was impressed by the number of offers and surveys available.” The wide selection of microtasks and surveys provided numerous opportunities to earn money from home.

Although his overall experience with ySense was positive, he identified areas for improvement. In particular, he noted that the platform’s graphical interface could benefit from an update to a more modern design. He also suggested that the platform could improve its community support and reduce cashout minimums, which currently seem too high.

In summary, his experience with ySense was positive. Not only did he have the opportunity to earn money from the comfort of his home, but he also found a reliable and user-friendly platform. To explore new opportunities for earning income, users can always join the Airners Community and stay up-to-date with all opportunities.

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