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Working in AI brings new opportunities for thousands of freelancers

Santiago Coates

March, 05, 2024

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The world of data labeling not only offers the opportunity to generate additional weekly income but also opens up new possibilities for professional growth. In fact, in this environment, it’s common to see some individuals generate enough income to live in different countries and travel to different parts of the world. The good news for those interested in a change of life is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Starting to work in this industry can bring about a 180-degree change. An inspiring example is Munene, a digital entrepreneur from Kenya who has discovered much more than just additional income by immersing himself in the world of data labeling. For him, this work represents not only a source of income but also a pathway to new opportunities and 100% independent work.

In this article, we’ll delve into the story of Munene, a 22-year-old who has achieved generating rates of $40 per hour and up to $400 per day through hard work, dedication, and consistency in the field of data collection and labeling. “Currently, I work 10 hours a day training artificial intelligence models; this is my primary source of income,” comments this Kenyan about his experience as a digital worker.

Overcoming obstacles and setting new goals

Working in data collection and labeling from Africa presents its challenges. The use of VPNs is necessary, and one must be highly persistent to secure well-paid jobs, given the competition from workers in countries like the United States, India, or Argentina. In this context, individuals like Munene confront the reality that available jobs are often more demanding and offer lower pay.

“I spent about 3 months working on various platforms before beginning to generate some extra income. It takes time and effort; not everything is straightforward,” mentions Munene when reflecting on his early experiences in data labeling. Despite not generating any income during those initial months, he emphasizes the value of the experience gained, viewing it as a sort of free university education in the field of data and artificial intelligence.

After a period of working on platforms like Remotasks or Appen, Munene succeeded in generating additional income, significantly improving his financial situation.

However, he aimed for even more ambitious goals and believed that with the knowledge acquired in data collection and labeling, he was prepared to tackle new challenges. “I realized that I could increase my income by working on other platforms, such as Data Annotation, which specializes in training artificial intelligence models.”

Transitioning to AI Training

With what he had learned from data labeling and his growing programming skills, Munene began applying for jobs in artificial intelligence model training for ‘Cloud AI’. “For these types of jobs, you need to specify your main skills. Typically, they require knowledge of Python, Javascript, and SQL, so I started studying and learning these languages using ChatGPT. Additionally, to apply for these jobs, it was necessary to write a resume and a brief summary of your skills, which I always did and sent.”

In this way, Munene started working on training artificial intelligence models on the platform, where he generated approximately $10 per hour.

The Benefits of having evolved

With the switch to, Munene began capitalizing on his programming skills to pursue new job opportunities. He found that on this platform, applying for jobs in the United States was simpler, as they only required his email address and details about his skills, without the need for a rigorous verification process.

Over time, Munene observed that the most lucrative projects were those of medium and long-term duration. This allowed him to access more stable job prospects with better pay, significantly contributing to his professional and financial goals.

Currently, Munene has attained job and financial stability through his engagement in medium to long-term projects centered on training artificial intelligence models. These endeavors allow him to generate approximately USD 40 per hour, resulting in substantial and consistent income when working 10 hours a day.

“What I appreciate most about working in this field is the flexibility to manage my own schedule and work whenever I want. I can even decide whether to work during the day or at night.” Additionally, by engaging in medium or long-term projects, Munene can effectively plan his annual income. Currently, he is involved in a project that has lasted more than 6 months. It’s worth noting that for each medium or long-term job, applicants must undergo a series of tests to verify their expertise.

The other side of high-paying jobs

Despite the economic advantages of the well-paid projects Munene works on, they also present significant challenges. “The projects are very demanding, and if you don’t perform the tasks correctly, you are automatically expelled without any explanation,” shares Munene. This lack of feedback is a source of frustration for many users, as they are disconnected without knowing exactly what they did wrong.

Furthermore, in these high-demand projects, any question or inquiry made to support can result in expulsion from the project for no reason. This is due to the strict policy that prohibits any activity that distracts from the focus of the work to be done.

Another major challenge is the difficulty of accessing these long-term projects, creating a significant barrier to entry for those wishing to apply. This situation can limit job opportunities for those looking to participate in high-paying and stable employment projects in the field of artificial intelligence and programming.

Airtm as an ally

In conclusion, Airtm stands out not only as a platform for digital entrepreneurs to withdraw their earnings in local currency but also as a facilitator for everyone to generate income and learn about the digital economy.

The company is committed to being a strong support for those who wish to delve into this constantly evolving world. It is essential to highlight cases like Munene’s, as they are part of Airtm’s mission to listen to and share inspiring stories that help empower everyone on their path to financial and personal success.


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