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Freelancer: Tips to become one

Editorial Airtm

February, 01, 2024

4 min. reading

A freelancer is a person who provides services on an autonomous basis. He/she can work for international companies from home in remote mode. But what should you take into account to work as a professional in this modality?

Guide to become a freelancer

Remote work as a freelancer is an opportunity to earn dollar income from the comfort of your home. Want to become a freelancer? Here’s your guide to get started:

Contract types

  • Contract for the provision of services: here, fees are negotiated in exchange for providing a service to a company with a certain regularity.
  • Self-employed: in this case, no contract is concluded. Each freelancer is paid for the work or tasks he/she chooses to perform.
  • Customized contract: this is an individual agreement according to the needs of both parties—for example, 1-year contract with a fixed salary and schedule.

Advantages of this job

Being a freelancer for a company abroad offers you several benefits, such as:

  • Managing your schedule: you can be your boss, deciding how many hours to work and when to work them.
  • You can generate extra income: many times, freelance work complements a permanent job to obtain additional income.
  • Diversify your professional activity: if you don’t always want to do the same thing, the Internet offers you a world of possibilities as a content creator—everything as a YouTuber, producer of educational materials, IT researcher, gamer, and beyond.

Ways to get paid as a freelancer

One of the biggest attractions of working for companies abroad is the possibility of being paid in dollars. Traditional international transfers can be very expensive. Therefore, the best alternative is to use an international payment platform.

Airtm allows you to charge your services from anywhere in the world in digital dollars. You can then withdraw your balance to different virtual wallets or bank accounts according to your preference.

Obligations to pay

If you are going to receive income through the Internet, you must keep your taxpayer and worker status in order. These are your main financial obligations:

  • Social security: these contributions are very important because they guarantee you medical coverage and pension contributions for your future.
  • Income tax return: remote workers must declare their income as self-employed according to their country’s legislation.
  • Invoicing: depending on the contract, many companies may ask you for an invoice for services rendered.

Tips for working under this modality

Are you excited about working over the Internet? Take into account these tips to take your first steps as a freelancer

  • Promote your work in social networks.
  • Put together a dossier with samples of your digital services.
  • Choose a reliable and convenient payment platform.
  • Invest in a good quality headset and microphone to make videoconferences with your work team.
  • Diversify your services to gain more clients. If necessary, train yourself with free courses to learn new skills.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but you can become a freelancer no matter where you are. Collect revenue for your services in dollars and easily convert it to your local currency with Airtm.

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