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Stop scrolling, start earning: Online surveys to generate income

Santiago Coates

March, 19, 2024

6 min. reading

Welcome to the official guide “Stop Procrastinating and Start Earning,” dedicated to exploring the opportunities provided by market research platforms and online surveys to generate income and start earning from the comfort of your home, or even from the palm of your hand.

In this article, we will showcase the main platforms so you can begin generating extra income online today. We’ll introduce you to some platforms to get started with, and by the time you finish reading, in just a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to earning your first extra income on the internet.

Thanks to this guide, you’ll become an expert in the realm of digital opportunities. And what’s even better, throughout this series, we’ll continue sharing testimonials to help you further hone your skills as a digital worker.

Simplicity and Convenience

Market Research platforms have transformed how companies gather information about consumer preferences, opinions, and behaviors. They’ve refined market research to be as precise as possible.

The beauty of working on these platforms lies in their simplicity and convenience. You don’t need much experience or advanced technical skills; all you need to be a digital worker is some free time and internet access. Imagine having the opportunity to easily generate extra money during spare moments in your day, whether waiting in line at the supermarket, during your lunch break, or even before bedtime.

Here, you’ll see how to do just that.

Additionally, many tasks can be completed in just a few minutes, allowing you to capitalize on those brief moments of downtime to generate additional income. As the series name suggests, “Stop procrastinating and start earning.

Platforms to start generating extra income

Below is a list of popular platforms where you can find survey and market research tasks, along with insights into average earnings and task types. 

These platforms offer a wide range of tasks, from completing surveys and conducting market studies to product testing and participating in discussion groups. Their accessibility and flexibility stand out—you can access them from anywhere and at any time, simply using your cell phone or laptop.


A well-known GPT site that offers a wide range of opportunities to earn and receive rewards

  • Earnings: Typically, $0.50 to $2.50 per survey.
  • Task Types: Consumer surveys, watching videos, online shopping.
  • Notes: Known for a variety of tasks and a user-friendly interface.

Start right now by clicking here.


Toluna, a global community of millions of influencers who share their opinions about products and services from brands they care about. 

  • Earnings: Around $1 to $5 per survey.
  • Task Types: Surveys on various topics, product testing.
  • Notes: Provides opportunities to test products and services.

Start right now by clicking here


Prolific is an online research platform that empowers quality research. The platform handles the recruitment and management of participants for clients’ market research.

  • Earnings: Varies, but generally higher paying.
  • Task Types: Academic and commercial research surveys.
  • Notes: Known for academic research studies, often looking for specific demographics.

Start right now by clicking here.

MTurk by Amazon

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing website through which companies can hire remotely located ‘crowd workers’ from different places to perform specific on-demand tasks that computers currently cannot do economically.

  • Earnings: Varies widely based on task complexity.
  • Task types: Microtasks including surveys, and data entry.
  • Notes: Offers a large variety of tasks, but pay can be lower than dedicated survey sites.

Start right now by clicking here.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

While individual surveys may not yield substantial payments, persistence, and a well-thought-out strategy can boost your earnings on these platforms.

A valuable tip is to choose platforms that align with your interests and demographics—something that resonates with you personally. Once chosen, regular participation is recommended to maximize earning potential.

Moreover, some surveys may offer more generous rewards for specific groups, so stay alert for such opportunities that could increase your income.

Suppose a skincare product company is developing a new product line targeted at individuals over 40 concerned about aging skin. To gather insights into this demographic’s preferences and needs, the company launches a survey on a market research platform.

In this survey, they seek participants meeting specific criteria, such as being over 40 and concerned about skincare. Consequently, qualifying participants will receive higher compensation compared to standard surveys, as their opinions are sought from the target group.

Airtm's Role in Your Survey Journey

As you engage with these platforms, Airtm simplifies managing your earnings. Our digital wallet ensures you can easily receive and access your money from various survey sites, regardless of your location.

Participating in surveys and market research can be more than just a side activity; it’s a way to have your voice heard in the market and get paid for it. We encourage you to explore these platforms and take your first step into the world of online surveys and market research.

Stay tuned as we continue our series, guiding you through various ways to earn. Visit our Airners Community for more information on earning online and join Airners Discord to access exclusive earning opportunities and meet other Airners working online.

Airtm stands out not only as a platform for digital entrepreneurs to withdraw their earnings in local currency but also as a facilitator for everyone doing online surveys to generate income and learn about the digital economy. The company is committed to being a strong support for those who wish to delve into this ever-evolving world.

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